The Lodge

K9 Country Lodge is unlike any other Boarding Facility. An incredible amount of heart and passion goes into caring for the dogs that stay with us. Our lives are dedicated to dogs, whether they are our own, our customer’s or the dogs we rescue. Ta Ta Fur Now is a family owned business. We live on site, providing added security and car for our clientele. There is always somebody overnighting. 365 days a year.

K9 country Lodge has large play parks for socialization with others, but we also offer one on one time for those dogs that who are not so keen to socialize or who are unable to due to health reasons etc. Our boarding dogs are ALWAYS supervised while at play and we keep groups to a proper human to dog ratio.

We at the lodge take great pride in the care we give our boarding dogs. We take great care that each dog in our care is getting all of their needs met precisely. From medication, food requirements, and extra care for elderly and special needs dogs. We do this because we love our clients and we DO NOT EVER charge an extra fee for the extra care and service.

We also offer King and Queen for the boarding dogs before they return home. For a reasonable fee they receive a bath, blow out, nail trim, ear cleaning and more.

Ta Ta Fur Now plays a huge part in the rescue, We All Need A Rescue. 60% of all k9 Country lodge earnings go directly to the Rescue Dogs. Thank you for helping us help the Rescue.