“My hubby and I WERE in need of a lodgeing for our furbabies and do you know what WE FOUND ONE they are extremely helpful, informative Its our first time that were going to leave our furbabies behind. They not only board they RESCUE also, so if ANYBODY out there is a serious pet lover and SHOULD ADOPT n NOT SHOP,PLZ check out WE ALL NEED A RESCUE (WANAR),and if you need WONDERFUL LODGEING FOR YOUR FURRY KIDS PLZZZ check out K9 Country Lodge, peace peeps HAGD!”

– Corinne

“My household has been blessed with not one but two amazing rescues from We All Need a Rescue. My story begins back in February 2012 when a coworker showed me the Facebook page of WANAR where she had just rescued her dog (Zoey) from. We spent most of that day and a few that followed reading bios of the rescues and swooning over the cute pictures, but one of the rescues stood out and that was Petal. Her story broke my heart and with one look at those big sad eyes and I knew that I had to meet her. I phoned WANAR that night and spoke to Brent who went into details about her life prior to coming into their care. I asked if my daughter and I could come out and meet Petal so a couple days later we went out to meet her. She wouldn’t let us touch her and ran back and forth barking, all of which just broke my heart even more. I left WANAR with a time set up that weekend for me to go there again and to being working with her. The following weekend I again was unable to even touch Petal so Brent held her and I was able to walk over and actually pet her which was the beginning, I believe, of our bond. With each trip to WANAR that followed it became easier for me to approach and pet Petal. The first time she allowed me to walk up to her and pet her was like winning the lottery! Having an animal that is so scared of everything allow you to pet them is truly an amazing feeling. Brent allowed both myself, my daughter and my other dog Cooper come out for visits to work on building our bond. In my trips out to WANAR I was able to meet a number of the other amazing rescues such as Alexa (who we ended up rescuing as well), Sura, Roc, Django, Luke and Ali just to name a few. To ease Petal’s adjustment we also adopted Alexa from an adoption day! She is a ball of energy and has been instrumental in Petal’s progress. When Petal is unsure of a situation she will follow Alexa. After a couple of months Brent suggested that they bring Petal to my house and see how she would react to the new environment. So one evening Brent brought Petal to me, I was very nervous and so excited. Petal coming into the house took a little bit of work but once inside she slowly made her way in and I was able pet her and we let her out into the back yard and to my surprise I was able to call her into the house. We all sat in the living room visiting while Petal explored and then we were alone and so began our new journey. We hit a couple rough patches along the way but Brent was only a text message or a phone call away to provide assistance and guidance. Now seven months later and Petal has come so far! She sits on command, shakes a paw, stays, has great recall, loves snuggles, car rides and walks, as long as we don’t venture to far from home. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her, she is an amazing girl and I am very thankful to WANAR, Brent for everything that they have done for my rescues and all the other ones that make their way to them. ”

– Jen (Petal & Alexa’s mom)

“Our Mojo will be 15 in Sept and he’s been vacationin